• Christmas Village in the Former General Hospital
    Christmas Village in the Former General Hospital
  • Christmas Village Maria Theresa Square
    Christmas Village Maria Theresa Square
  • Christmas Village Belvedere Palace
    Christmas Village Belvedere Palace
  • Christmas Village Hof Palace
    Christmas Village Hof Palace

Welcome to the Christmas Villages!

Many busy hands have put hours of work into getting the Christmas villages ready for this moment: the first Viennese Christmas Village to open is in Unicampus /Former General Hospital ("Altes AKH")!

Do you want to take a look behind the scenes and hear about our current programme?

Check out our Facebook page for tips from our Christmas Elves about where they're going,  what they're working on, and for updates about  special programme highlights!

The "Helfer Wiens" visit the Christmas villages

The "Helfer Wiens" visit in the following days the "Weihnchtsdörfer" with an information desk. 

Take advantage of the opportunity and visit the information desk to learn about the dangers and risks in the advent season:
- How do i avoid a fire of the advent wreath or Christmas tree fire?
- What measure can i meet in the throng of people not to be robbed?
- U.v.m

We look foreard seeing you soon ! www.diehelferwiens.at





Altes AKH (before Universitätsbräu)



Maria-Theresien-Platz (Eingang Naturhist. Museum)



Schloss Belvedere (entrance Prinz-Eugen-Strasse)



Maria-Theresien-Platz (entrance Naturhist. Museum)


Charity campaign on behalf of the Repic Family

The annual charity campaign of the Christmas Market at the Maria-Theresa-Square supports those projects that desperately demand direct and quick support.

Ms. Anna Repic is a single mother of three. Her two sons Julian (14) and Simon (15) go to public schools and are healthy. Her third child, however, Sophia (10) is severely handicapped.

Ms. Repic herself is rather frail in health as well – she has cancer. Even though both are freed from reception charge, they still have to pay for quite expensive medication out of their own pocket.

Anna Repic is a strong woman who loves her children to bits and who tries to alter her family’s life for the better as best as she can. Support Anna Repic on her way to beat cancer and give her a hand in managing the family’s life.

With a donation of  € 2,00 you can already help out the Repic family!

If you have given a donation, you will receive an original Viennese Star made in our special pavilion on Maria-Theresa-Square where we will let your star float in our colossal glass tube. By the end of the market, there will be an incredible sea of glittering stars!

Where? The Glass Tube right next to Hut 53, Christmas Market at Maria-Theresa-Square.